• Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • After Effects
  • Flash
  • Illustrator

NYC, 2003 - 2008 (4.5 yrs)

Pushing The Limits of Interactive Design

I helped producers identify script areas best explained through animation and interactivity, then worked with scientists to turn their information into acurate visuals easily understood by museum visitors.

I played a big roll in integrating the video team with the interactive team, and was promoted to a Sr. Interactive Designer by 25. I attended initial brainstorm meetings, developed wires, fleshed and QA'ed prototypes, and produced final creative assets for dozens of interactive exhibit installations, seeing multiple projects from concept to completion within a department of 150 people.

Project short list

I'm in the process or archiving many years of projects here. Please enjoy this shortlist in the meantime.

Horses (Traveling Exhibit)

The task: visualize specialized sight, hearing, biomechanics, and digestive systems of the horse. HD footage projected at 1:1 scale with 3D skeletal overlays was the solution. Ensuring footage was shot with timely 3D move-matching in mind was very important. Organization and planning made this project possible.

I contributed to ideation, prototyping, rigging, and skeletal 3D asset.
Full docs coming soon.

Water (Traveling Exhibit)

Along with many 3D mocks and test renders to help configure the exhibit space, my main roll was design for an interactive water conservation kiosk. A guided intro configured settings relevent to your living situation, then showed trivia questions paired with common household scenerios.

I contributed to ideation, wires, prototyping, user testing, and final asset creation.
Full docs coming soon.

Reptiles (Traveling Exhibit)

This arcade style interactive simulates predation through the eyes of a venomous snake. Learn about snake vision, heat-sensing, and smell information pit vipers use to hunt. Capture prey to see animated X-Rays of how snakes eat. Learn how snake's jaws work to consume meals 3x larger than their own skull!

I contributed to ideation, wires, Unity 3D prototyping, user testing, and all final 2D / 3D graphics.
Full docs coming soon.

Mythic Creatures (Traveling Exhibit)

Dragons reside in many cultures, with many meanings. We designed an interactive that allowed visitors to mix their favorite components, and release their creation onto the "Dragon Wall." I worked with tattoo artists to bring hand drawn illustrations to life.

I contributed to ideation, wires, user testing, and final 2D / 3D assets.
Full docs coming soon.

Human Origins (permanent hall)

Full docs coming soon.

Darwin (Traveling Exhibit)

Full docs coming soon.

Dinos Alive! (Traveling Exhibit)

We designed a 3,000 sq ft. space filled to the brim with interactive installations, scientific animations, and even a mechanized walking T-Rex skelleton. I worked with top paleontologists and biomechanics specialists to bring dinosaurs to life on screen, and into the physical space!
Full docs coming soon.

Petra (Traveling Exhibit)

Using archival photography, I worked with Producer Sarah Galloway to 3D-reconstruct the cliffs of petra, and animate the slow chip-away process used to carve the iconic tombs of these detailed ancient cities.
Full docs coming soon.

Meteorites (permanent hall)

My first exhibit. I identified script areas best explained by animation with Producer Mindy Weisberger while reviewing animatics with Exhibit Curator Denton Ebel to ensure scientific acuracy.

I also supplied 3D planetary renders to the graphics team for integration with graphic panels.
Full docs coming soon.