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Mountain View, CA 2015 - 2017 (2.5 yrs)

Big Projects. Big Thinking. Big Blue.

I'm a specialist focusing on some of the most cutting edge spatial interactive projects within IBM's IX design department. Most of my work revolves around spatial and large format sports and live event projects for major leagues and Fortune 500 companies along with some Watson Health and IoT technologies.

I've worked in various headquarters, with dozens of teams and international clients. Access to many different departments and teams within IBM is such a cool part of this job. It enables me to learn and experience such a wide variety of things.

IBM Sports Insights Central

This project has just launched and there is a lot to cover. I'm very busy on phase II right now, so I'm just posting the official press release video for now.

As part of the grand opening of the Toronto Raptors’ BioSteel Centre today, IBM and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment are introducing a first of its kind solution called IBM Sports Insights Central. The solution is designed to transform the Raptors’ talent evaluation processes by reimagining data through cognitive and analytics technology.

No Question UX/UI Docs

There were two of us working on all the UX and UI for this project. In tight communication with the clients, we finalized exact interactions as golden path animations. Developers knew the exact needs of the build, and how the final result should look. I believe Animation is often the best form of documentation, with no questions unanswered as we entered development mode.

VR/AR Visualization

One of IBM's first mixed reality shoots!
It was impossible to design the Raptors War Room without thinking about the inevitability of a non-physical AR/VR version. I'm currently exploring the feasibility of 1) a VR demo that could virtually port any client or potential user to an immersive 360 demo. 2) 3D-UI and VR wire-framing and concept design to enable us to be in, test, and rapid prototype spatial experiences before they are built. Truely agile design for the physical world.

Download a 10k 360 HMD image

Exploring VR Interaction

I created this VR interaction test (and many more like it!) very quickly using VRTK scripts. It was one of IBM IX's firsts steps into rapid VR prototyping.

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