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Providence, RI 2012 - 2014 (2.5 yrs)

Startup Accelorator and Code Experience

My CTO/Partner and I Founded and Built ShutterCal from the ground up. It began as an experiment in web UX and a study in restricting the user to focus on one positive action, but after steady growth of the community and demand for product we decided to bring it through a startup accelorator.

I incorporated, became interim CEO, gained mentors, hired and managed developers, raised money, and focused on mobile responsive design, new features for the customer base, and product design. Together our team bootstrapped ShutterCal to 60,000 members and over $.25M in sales.

The Story

The podcast to the right tells a nice chunk of the story. We launched on the front page of lifehacker, got picked up by Boston Business Journal, and recieved angel investment throught the @betaspring business accelorator and partners.

The Product

I designed the print service first. ShutterCal was always built with sustainability through monthly subscription prints and membership services at its core.

Service Driven Community

ShutterCal measured success not by hype and sign-up numbers, but by the strength of it's community's activity and monthly subscribed customers. It was something I used as vehicle to explore to explore fluid web design and the understanding needs of users much more than it was a typical business.

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